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Stained Upholstery? Call Us for Sofa Cleaning in Williams Lake

You vacuum your carpets regularly. But how often do you clean your sofa, chairs and other upholstery? Too often, the sofa that serves as homework central on school nights, guest seating on weekends and the cheering section for football and hockey nights only gets a little spot cleaning for visible stains. However, you can preserve your investment in your furniture with regular professional cleaning.

Like carpets, upholstered furniture should be professionally cleaned every 18 to 24 months. Apart from stain removal, professional cleaning will also reduce dust, dust mites and other allergens that accumulate on the furniture. The Carpet Doctor also knows the cleaning solutions that are safest to use on various fabrics to ensure that the stain is removed without damaging the appearance of the fabric. Once the sofa is cleaned, we can also treat the upholstery with a protectant to help it resist future staining.

You look forward to kicking back in your favourite chair after a hard day at work, with your favourite beverage in hand. Unfortunately, accidents happen—a winning team can create a little too much excitement, and before you know it your favourite chair is covered in coffee. Don’t take chances with store-bought upholstery cleaners which may not remove the stain and which can damage your upholstery. Contact the Carpet Doctor in Williams Lake, BC to get your sofas and chairs looking great again. Give us a call today to get a quote and to set up an appointment.

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